30 June 2022

Knowledge item

Interdisciplinary Orientation: Learning to navigate beyond your discipline

This booklet was written within the framework of a Senior Fellow Comenius project (funded by NRO) aimed at designing a learning progression for interdisciplinarity in a disciplinary environment (Department of Biology at the Faculty of Sciences). This booklet serves as food for thought for those considering the value of thinking beyond one’s own discipline.

Interdisciplinarity is an increasingly popular term, especially in higher education, and it will most likely accompany you all throughout your studies and into your working life. For those who are not familiar with interdisciplinarity, the term is explained in detail in the booklet. To put it simply for now, in interdisciplinary studies two or more sources of knowledge (i.e. disciplines) are integrated to answer a complex question more holistically.

Read the complete booklet here.

For more information on how to use this booklet in your teaching, you can read the corresponding teacher’s guide filled with instructions.

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