24 September 2021

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Step-by-step guide to Course Design

You have an idea for a new course or want to redevelop an existing course. This guide supports you in the design process. In nine steps you will get started with your course aim, learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment. You integrate educational principles and determine the way in which you want to offer the course components.


Figure 1. Step by Step Guide to Course Design

The design is the backbone of your course, where constructive alignment, alignment between learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment, is crucial. Following the step-by-step guide leads to a clear and complete course design. This supports you in developing your course content.

Following the steps leads you to the course design form. It is recommended to go back and forth between the steps when designing the course. You can do this by clicking on the steps at the bottom of each page.

This Step-by-step-guide was inspired by the Roadmap for CHARM-EU Module Design. CHARM-EU (2021) Roadmap for CHARM-EU Module Design.

You are free to share and adapt, if you give appropriate credit and use it non-commercially. More on Creative Commons