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Time to listen: using podcasts as learning tools

01 September 2018

Time to listen: using podcasts as learning tools

This project investigates the use of podcasts as a learning tool. Podcasting is embedded in different ways in the minor and master program of Work and Organisational psychology program at Utrecht University.


The quality of higher education in the Netherlands is facing important challenges. According to a recent publication by the ministry of Education, students are reporting a decrease in motivation during their study due to a lack of challenges and the limited opportunities for personal development. This worrying trend indicates a lack of fit between students’ capabilities and interests on the one hand and the contents and formats of our educational programs on the other hand. New teaching formats must therefore be considered to provide more challenging and personally relevant learning experiences.

Podcasts are a series of spoken, audio episodes, often focused on a specific topic or theme. Educational podcasts that supplement traditional lectures and readings are a novel but highly promising instrument of learning.

Project description

In this project podcasting will be systematically embedded as a learning tool in the minor and master program of Work and Organisational psychology program at Utrecht University. The project experiments with integrating podcasting to the curriculum in different ways:

  1. Providing podcasts on course content.
  2. Providing podcasts on how theoretical course content can be applied in real-life.
  3. Providing podcasts to help students gain specialised knowledge following their own personal interests.
  4. Students create their own podcasts on course content as an alternative to a report or essay.
  5. Podcasting community for master students to report on their thesis or internship and share content with fellow students.

Expected results

Through the use of podcasts in the curriculum the project expects to:

  • provide students with a flexible tool of course review;
  • show how theory can be applied in real life;
  • provide course tracks that are tailored towards students’ personal interests;
  • increase students’ sense of ownership through student-produced podcasts; and
  • Foster feelings of community in students through a community podcasting channel.


You are free to share and adapt, if you give appropriate credit and use it non-commercially. More on Creative Commons


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