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Class sequence

21 September 2020

Class sequence

This method combines a lecture, seminar group and an assignment. The time between the lecture and seminar group is used to work on the assignment. The students attend the lecture in the morning, where they will be introduced to the assignment. This assignment builds on the discussed material. After the lecture, the students work on the assignment for two consecutive hours. During this time, a student-assistant could joint the students to answer questions (optional). Following this, the assignment will be discussed in the seminar group. This could be done with presentations. During the seminar group, students can ask questions about the material and the assignment, and the teacher will elaborate further on the subject. The two hours between the lecture and the seminar group are considered teaching hours. The teacher can choose to end the day by watching a film or documentary in the seminar group. Make sure the film/documentary really adds to the discussed material, so that it functions as a further insight into the subject. If students notice that the film is simply being used to fill up class time, the intrinsic motivation of the students will suffer greatly. This method takes on the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’. As long as students have access to all the information they need to finish the assignment successfully, this method can be highly effective.


Prepare lecture, prepare assignment and select a usefull documentary/film. Optional: ask a student-assistent to attend.

Teacher Role

Explain/inform, monitor and give feedback


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